About Imogen Caterer, founder of Hope Catalyst

Imogen Caterer is a certified Transformative Coach. She trained with Michael Neill at his 2014 Supercoach Academy in Los Angeles, New York and London.

The 2014 Supercoach Academy worked exclusively from an understanding of the Mind known as the 3 Principles, Inside-Outside understanding or Health Realization.

The approach offers masses of benefits without adding extra stress and strain to our lives. In fact it reduces them.

It's effect is similar to learning to drive on the CORRECT side of the road if you've been driving on the wrong side and hence have had to continually swerve.

Imogen now runs a Meet Up where she gives introductory evenings into the understanding.... http://www.meetup.com/New-Hope-Gloucestershire/

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Contact details: (0)+44 1452 501526, imogen@inspirationcatalyst.com

Hello, I'm Imogen Caterer. I came to be a coach from a long-held interest in the human mind. In 2000 I found a way to get myself out of a severe mental illness. I set up practicing the therapy that helped me, and saw a number of clients would benefited, sometimes, majorly from my assistance.

However, it wasn't enough and I was looking for more powerful ways to help others and myself. I was also suffering from perceived money issues as the therapy practice was failing, then failed and then the next business failed. And if I didn't have money issues before... I certainly did after spreading so much on NLP and marketing courses!

It took me a lot of searching and I still didn't really get anywhere.

Years later I was trying to recover from feeling really, really angry about a group of people who I thought had prove-ably over-worked me, and then moaned about me. I felt betrayed.

I had spent a small fortune on a coach/therapist that I thought could "finally turn me around", make a real businesswoman of me, and sort out the rest of my issues. She was adamant she could do it.

It wasn't working. Not only was my new attempt at business failing but the anger was getting worse and worse. She just told me to do more and more of the therapy.

By the end I was screaming in the night.

My sessions ran out... and I went searching again. I headed for the website of "old reliable" a coach with a tremendous following and integrity, who taught basic common sense much of the time. I had been following him on and off for years. He was Michael Neill.

Yet, Michael Neill had changed, not from his integrity but from his underlying approach to coaching. He came across an approach that was much more relaxing and calming and yet made a radical, positive difference to people's lives.

I started listening to the archive of his radio show. One early morning I woke and started screaming about the same problem the previous therapy had failed to clear. I realized I just had to stop trying to practice the old therapy which had me focusing on the old problem. Later that evening I went and had the bath and took the radio show with me...

This time I really heard what Michael was trying to say even more clearly and all of a rush the anger dropped away, tears filled my eyes and the days following I saw the old situation completely differently. I realized too that this new understanding of the human mind Michael was teaching could transform everything.

These days I feel much happier about my money situation. Though my income has improved what has really improved is my ability to feel content. I have closer friendships and spend more time in a feeling of clarity.

I enjoy helping others to find this.

For Businesses

I have run my own business and I am also qualified in Accountancy (AAT).

The understanding I teach can make a massive difference to businesses. For instance it can turn "bad customers" into "good customers".

It can help with productivity.

It can help with problem-solving, and creativity.

It can give all your teams the resilience keeping going when things seem difficult. This very much includes your sales team. As one salesman remarked to his CEO in a company that learned this understanding: "Just another two months of this recession and we will have wiped out our competitors".

Their sales team kept going while others gave up.

Yet the approach is still relatively new. So there is a massive competitive advantage to be had for learning it now.To learn more without obligation contact Imogen on +44 (0)1452 501526