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I posted the following in a Facebook group as an update how I was doing.  This is word for word what I wrote. So you can follow want I’m saying : the group is “Creating the Impossible” (CTI) a course run by Michael Neill (a top international life coach, who also trained me.) My impossible project is about socializing my way to expand my Meet Up group and Coaching practice to gross profit of £10,000, which is designed to be impossible! However I am also looking for a job in accountancy. 3P is shortening for the principles underlying my coaching and the Creating the Impossible course….

That said, here is my update:

OK here’s “where I am” right now. I am feeling rather drained and run down. This doesn’t seem to be anything to do with my project, which seems to be going with good flow… creating no money but that doesn’t bother me.

Where I seem to drain myself is around job interviews. Not the interviews themselves I’m normally OK talking, but around getting organised for them doing research and getting to them, when I don’t get on with map reading combined with driving.

I also got myself very annoyed because (according to my then outside view of the world) it was deeply unreasonable to ask me to turn up for a 20 mins interview quite a distance away for a mere 2-4 week assignment.

In the end we combined it with the return drive home from the first interview with only a few hours notice. My tendency to wind myself up about interviews didn’t help and I couldn’t find my car keys without the help of my mother.

I didn’t shine in the 1st interview (it would have been hard to with those boring questions! I can’t say the job interested me.) The 2nd (short notice one) was much more my thing. And it became apparent why I had been called to interview. They had a them/us situation (actually old/new) in the office and she wanted to check I’d be on her side! Naturally I would be (the New-s are into improving things) and I pointed to my background in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (easier to explain that the 3Ps).

However, rather slipped up when she asked me some hypothetical questions about what I’d do if she and some of the other interviewers said they wanted me.

Anyway, not much time to prepare for the final interview and it, on paper, met all the criteria that I was looking for, including permanent (i.e. lasts an indefinite length of time, probably years, and more likely to be end due to employee than employer, in most cases).

I certainly got some of the final interview “wrong”. Although some of it may have been using old (but probably more accurate information than the accountant knew). Allegedly I waffled. Anyway, I didn’t get the job.

Anyway, my energy did seem to hold up. But when my thoughts went that way I was pretty sick of being interviewed and certain things were not getting done.

I returned home to a member of the 3P movement having messaged me to ask me to help someone diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, who we didn’t have direct contact with. (With respect I’m not a miracle worker). Nor was I inclined to “help” in this scenario. I suspect it full of everyone trying to bl**dy help.

(This is flip side of what Michael has said about “helping” in CTI, we had a “no helping rule” on Supercoach Academy, to avoid getting into someone’s space and jumping to solve their “problem” just before they have the life-changing insight.)

It was only phoning back one calls I had left that I was reminded that I meant to apply for a another job that “met all the criteria” but wouldn’t accept applications from agencies (so less competition). I managed to put in an application, but time pressure meant it wasn’t that good (couldn’t find the time to research the company, and outside hours so couldn’t get hiring managers name). Anyway, it’s in.

And Friday was very much a rest day. As has this been.

Looking back at all that writing. I notice that I did survive. That my thinking played merry hell with me for some of the time and I got very stressed.

And though I feel tired now. That’s in part because I can afford to be! I do have digestive system issues right now, but in someways I can afford that too.

(Don’t know what happened to the temp jobs, by the way.Though it seems unlikely I have got them. I’d probably be told by now.)

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