Our Common Humanity – what we have in common heals us

Have you noticed how much damage is done focussed on our differences?

From wars to prejudices it all focusses on the difference between us.

If we focus on what we have in common the world begins to look a more free place.

We all think differently but we all think. And the nature of thinking is that it changes. Sometimes we hold onto it sure that we are right and then other times we move on.

Rarely does a problem that appears urgent in the moment seem to be that way a week later. Often this isn’t because we have solved it but because our thinking and therefore our emotions have moved on.

Previously in this blog I have focussed on mental health issues because of have been stuck in them myself but now is the time to move on because I have seen our common humanity and feel increasingly drawn to share what we have in common had not what has labelled us apart.

Here’s a rough video on this subject.

I’ll be discussing this more at the Nous Sommes Human (we are human) webinar  on http://hopecatalyst.com/online-events/


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