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The next meeting Imogen Caterer will be speaking at is at 7:30pm at Gloucester Guildhall in the Blue Coat room. On the topic “Yes! You Can Get Over It!”

Price: Donation only.

RSVP: Please RSVP to ensure there is space for you. Phone Imogen on 01452 501526 or register here:

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More on the Meet Up group
A Meet Up group for Gloucestershire founded by Imogen Caterer in which she leads discussing of the “Inside Out” understanding which she coaches from.

The group can discuss how this understanding affects any life issue: including relationships, physical and mental health, business efficiency, job hunting, life purpose, sports performance or parenting. The members set the agenda.

Joining the Meet Up is free. Currently all meetings are free to attend.
You will be asked your preference for time and location of meet up as you join the group.

One of the reviews of the group “To me New hope Gloucester has done in weeks what I the doctors and psychiatrists could not do in years, the way I think is changing 

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Imogen Caterer will be speaking in Cheltenham on Monday 26th January 2015

Coach Talks on Transforming Our Mental Health

On Monday 22nd September at 7pm, Gloucester-based Transformational Coach Imogen Caterer, will be speaking to a mental health support group affiliated with Depression Alliance on a new understanding of the human mind which is transforming mental health, personal relationships and even businesses.

The meeting takes place St Aidan’s Church, Coronation Square, Cheltenham GL51 7SA, and welcomes anyone with an interest in the talk.

Imogen Caterer said: “For years the medical profession believed that diseases were spread by bad smells. When they learnt to see the world differently, and realised that many diseases were spread by germs, millions of lives were saved, simply by washing hands.

“Currently the assumptions we make about how our minds work have left us with mental illness affecting 1 in 4 of the population, a high divorce rate and less productive businesses. But there is another understanding the human mind that helps transform all that.”

Imogen Caterer searched for answers to mental health conditions for years. For three years she practised nutritional therapy in Gloucester, in the end she concluded that it was valuable but did not go deep enough to help people make the best of their lives. When she began exploring this new “inside out” understanding, she realised its power and dived straight into learning more.

She also came across case studies of a psychiatrist (Dr Bill Pettit) getting remarkable results with the understanding. Her own mood improved and she became less reactive to negative events. She now lives a happier more productive life. She trained with internationally regarded life coach Michael Neill to help transform other people’s lives with this understanding.

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