No Hope? Who Says?

There are people everywhere who think they just won’t get over something. Perhaps it’s a memory that still appears to haunt them today. Perhaps it’s a psychiatric diagnosis that they have been told is permanent. We believe we are stuck in a state from which we can never recover, and who tells us that?

In some cases it’s the media. It is supposed that there are soeme events you simply can’t recover from, in some cases it is believed (perhaps with “help” of psychologists) that you can’t recover from certain traumatic incidents.

In the case of psychiatry, psychiatrists are saying is that their treatment doesn’t work sufficiently to get people well. Yet I know at least two treatment approaches that do a huge amount better than psychiatry in many cases.

All psychiatry is doing is taking its failure and assuming it’s inevitable. It’s not.

And this is what this blog is all about. Something which is sometimes called the “psychological immune system”. It’s the stunning ability of the mind to heal itself.

Here the remarkable psychologist, George Pranksy, who has helped people out of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and post-rape trauma, talks about how our psychology heals itself and what can stand in its way.

There is much more to our mental state than most of currently aware. There is not just the release from disease but also some extra-ordinary mental states available to us. Peace of mind is available for very long stretches of time, being in touch with creativity and a sense no matter what is going on in the outside world it cannot harm us even though we may be deeply engaged with it.

This too is what this blog is about.

And if you would like a deeper experience of your innate wonderfulness do contact me.

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