Are We Doomed to Fight One Another or Can We Connect with a Deeper Feeling of our Common Humanity?

I interview two people who have traveled the world investigating a new understanding of how the Human Mind works that unites rather than divides.

As endorsed by Michael Neill of and contributor to the Huffington Post

After the tragedy in Paris and the continuing conflict around the world, I wanted to offer some hope:

  • An approach that has helped cut the murder rate (winning the California Peace Prize for those involved)
  • An approach that has transformed thousands of marriages/relationships
  • Two international experts interviewed....
  • Listen live (and ask questions) or watch the recording later (just register to get details)

It takes place on: Wednesday 28th January 2015
at: 7.30pm UK time / 8.30 pm European time / 2.30pm US Eastern / 11:30am US Pacific
If any doubt when it starts type "Time UK" into Google to find out the time in the UK. We start at 7.30pm in UK
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