Sherlock and the Mystery of Disappearing Depression

Though I’ve not read much of Conan Doyle I’m a fan of the BBC series Sherlock. So I’m temporarily giving up my blog to Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and Freeman’s Dr John Watson to discuss a great mystery… why “mental illness” can disappear. “Sherlock have you seen this report. Shortly after 9pm on New Year’s Day, the…

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Thinking Ourselves Stuck

If some anxiety or fear can block you from doing what you want… then thoughts are ruling some of your life. One of the things that prisoners, who learn about the understanding I teach, often express surprise about is that it is that it is totally normal for the general population to occasionally think “criminal…

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No Hope? Who Says?

There are people everywhere who think they just won’t get over something. Perhaps it’s a memory that still appears to haunt them today. Perhaps it’s a psychiatric diagnosis that they have been told is permanent. We believe we are stuck in a state from which we can never recover, and who tells us that? In…

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