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Tony talks about casting depression and anxiety aside and getting on better with family and workmates.

Testimonials to one-to-one workReceived with thanks from clients - more to follow

The sessions I have been having with Imogen have been inspirational to me!

They have had a brilliant impact on my life, and when times get tough I think about the things that Imogen has advised me and I find I can cope.

Imogen has helped me in ways I never thought possible and always leave the session feeling great. Minky Jane, diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder
During the course of my sessions with Imogen, I have experienced several shifts: my mind has got quieter, my relationship with my partner is better than ever, and I am much happier in my life. In particular, she coached me through a major issue with such insight that at the end of the session, it was no longer an issue for me.

Imogen is a very skilled and incisive coach - her sessions are a space to reflect, explore, and open out to new possibilities in any area of your life. I highly recommend Imogen if you are looking for real, lasting changes in your life. Christopher Hughes

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"I felt privileged to watch it I could tell it was heartfelt." Bizzy Campbell

"I will definitiely attend the next one. It was extremely interesting. And has got me thinking." Sacha Maria McGuinness

“I enjoyed hearing your life experiences and insights. There is an authenticity to your sharing. Thank you!” Lisa Roe