Thinking Ourselves Stuck

If some anxiety or fear can block you from doing what you want… then thoughts are ruling some of your life.

One of the things that prisoners, who learn about the understanding I teach, often express surprise about is that it is that it is totally normal for the general population to occasionally think “criminal thoughts”.

The difference is that the general population does not believe those thoughts and does not believe that they must act on them. So they stay out trouble.

In contrast the prison population often walk straight into taking an irrational action and get caught in the process.

However, all of us get wrapped up in some thoughts some of the time. They can lead to us getting very focussed on what we regard as problems. We can go round and round in our head about problems and this gives us a low mood and we feel miserable.

Ironically this does nothing to help us solve the problem. It’s only when we start breaking free from the obsessive thinking that we are more likely to find the solution. Or we realize it was never a problem with first place. We invented our concerns.

Here’s a video where I talk about seeing the tricks that some of my thinking was doing to me. And how I dropped an entire problem because I realized I had made it up.

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