Beyond Violence: We Are Human

Tonight I took part in a webinar (on-line event) on getting in touch with our common humanity.

I called it “Nous Sommes Human”. The first words being the French for “We are” and the last being English.

I called it that as evolution away from “Je Suis Charlie” which erupted after the murder of 10 cartoonists and 2 policeman at the office of Charlie Hebdo in January.

In the webinar I interviewed Rudi and Jenny Kennard of, who have traveled the world finding out more about the understanding of the mind that I talk about.

I felt very peaceful at many points during the webinar. There seeem to be a peace amongst those who were on the webinar afterwards too.

There are some short-term sound problems at the start of the webinar. Please bear with it. It does not last long.

The other website of the Kennards is

The TED talk Rudi refers to is here

You are on my website!

Thanks particularly to Michael Neill of for his writings publicizing the topic.

Here is his article in the Huffington Post and to his email list (they are similar article).

I would like to thank more people for their help in putting on the webinar and publicizing it:
Lian Brooke-Taylor of Born Happy
Steve Light of Social Anxiety Inside Out
Helena Roth of Hero the Coach

and many others.

And finally you may find this just a wonderful example of people getting along!

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